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Family Love: How Cristiano Ronaldo saved his brother from drug addiction!


Family Love: How Cristiano Ronaldo saved his brother from drug addiction!

“If I win the Champions League, you stop alcohol and drugs!”

Despite being one of the greatest footballers in history, Cristiano Ronaldo shows a lot of love and support for his family.

The Portuguese man even saved his elder brother Hugo from a terrible drug addiction.

According to Oh My Goal, In 2014, Hugo was going through a very difficult period. His day to day life was affected by the alcohol and drugs he was taking. His life was clearly in danger.

Ronaldo who wasn’t happy with the state of which his brother was took the matter into his own hand.

He made a deal with him, if he wins the Champions League, Hugo has to definitively give up alcohol and drugs. A huge challenge for the two men and an extra pressure for Cristiano, who wasn’t just trying to win the competition for himself but for the good of his brother.

And that year, the Portuguese star won the Champions League with Real Madrid. When the match ended, Ronaldo ran up to his brother and hugged him, whispering to him: “Now it’s your turn.”

Since that day Hugo kept his promise and no longer drinks alcohol or takes drugs.


Oh My Goal

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