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File 69 – Episode 1


File 69 – Episode 1


Dates do go wrong but there’s nothing like ending up in the bed of a total stranger who you thought was your supposed blind date.
A young undergraduate of the Ondo State University known as Adekunle Ajasin University in Nigeria is faced with a life threatening situation the moment he found out his mistaken date committed suicide which was now trending on the schools biggest blog, and the reason for her decision is something he could also be a victim of.
Based on true lies ….containing Nigerian slangs ….a little bit of the Yoruba native language (that’s why you need a Yoruba friend in your life to help you subtitle)


What reply am I ready to give if she sees it and ask why I have it on me? Knowing how clumsy I can be sometimes….. You don’t just pick things like this on the road even though it’s a very important jewel. Forget the fact that it’s being sold cheaply this is me being safe and moreover guys who have being in situations where it’s needed and it’s nowhere to be found said that by the time they get it the golden opportunity is lost and am not going to let any opportunity coming my way next pass me by…. C’mon I might break the record of becoming the first widely known school flirt to celebrate a year anniversary without sex. Not like I haven’t been getting any actions, still got a mind blowing BJ two weeks ago….. Like seriously don’t get this thing with girls we did nearly everything you see in a hardcore porn but sex, it was a no no she said just because I didn’t come along with that contraband…. “No protection no sex please” she said…. c’mon we have been together all evening couldn’t she have just given me an hint so I just rush down to get it now it’s 12am who can be open by now in the whole of Ede road selling stuff like this if it were to be Lagos now one aboki would still be open, what am I saying they sleep in their store….. Trust me moods like this make you want to become an inventor with the way I was looking at the ‘mayshai’ nylon we devoured not quite long we embarked on what caused this awful feeling…. omo mehn nothing like letting this little man taste a cookie, no matter the mouth action it can just never be like the real deal…

“Babe how VA I can be quick in withdrawing…. Moreover I don’t even use condoms sef.. And no girl had gotten pregnant in my name”

I swear no lies konji is truly a bastard “condom just for pregnancy prevention only…. Ifeoluwa and you’re a science student see your life….was actually feeling your vibes the way you were trying to get me to let you in, I was almost optioning for you doing it by withdrawing or I get postinor 2 next morning but hearing what you just said, dude am sorry I can’t risk my life no rubber no kpanshing and please don’t try any tricks on me please” saying that she had her back turned towards me as she faced the walls of her room. Wouldn’t blame her though she’s just trying to be a safe even in her affairs….. at least if she couldn’t resist the whines of a fuvk boy like me and goes ahead to cheat on her boyfriend and she still loves him enough not to bring any disease over on her adventures…. So the whole stop by at her school was a waste!! 3000naira wasted!!… And I really have to be in the badlands very early the next ….sorry today it’s almost 1am.

I am a God-fearing person, simple, yet classy. I see the best in people and try my best to help people realize the best opportunities in and around them. I am a Digital Marketer, Blogger and Sports Analyst.

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