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File 69-Episode 10


File 69-Episode 10

I went about doing my daily stuff gisting with the guys in the department which lead to Iya Abike’s joint the most popular pepper soup joint in the town when I got a call from the real Bimpe lamenting and almost laying curses on me several ahh!!! Ife how could you have done this to me ….is this how heartless you are, God would judge you ooooo. Probably Anu could have gotten a conviction last night when she went for the program she went for after we spent the last afternoon together and might have gone ahead to confess to Bimpe what’s going on between us FUCK! this is why hate having parole with churchy girls one small message they have born again instantly and they won’t just implicate themselves in the confessions, anyways what has happened as happened at least it wasn’t as if I forced Anu into anything why did she have to tell Bimpe. I think it was around past 7pm I got to my Villa when I heard a student attempted suicide the gist was what I met and also joined considering the fact that Iya Abike’s palm wine was making me tipsy a lil bit. We were all condemning the fact on why would a Lady want to kill herself… like seriously why on earth would you kill yourself na …just then somebody say a message on one of their groups saying lady tried committing suicide because she found out she was HIV positive it was posted by basehitz media: a big media outfit in school everyone was like ahhhhh eehnnnn no wonder….

“But still e no still mean now why kill yourself it’s not worth it…moreover it’s not the end of one’s life” one of my female Villa mate said,

That caused us all to abandon the whole story itself and causing a very long time argument which almost lead to a fight When another girl in the Villa took a shot at the first girl saying let it happen to her first she would know it’s not that easy… a counter shot came as the first girl responded by saying everyone knows the other girl was prone to be a victim of HIV knowing how much she fucked around true though she really fucked around but I never touched her…. I have my no Villa mate rule no matter the horniness I never go sexual with anyone who leaves in the same house with me…that way there’s no drama.

The argument was on when I collected the phone we saw the update and went to check on basehitz site to get full gist about the story… olofofo like me.. Only to click on that story headline and the lady’s picture on the front page of the story was BIMPE

it’s not my life that is going to spoil am only advising you for your own benefit Moments like this was what my mother must have been talking about and the thoughts in my heart those moments when ever am being scolded started rushing in sheybe it’s kukuma my life that would spoil is it your life ni abeg you people just free me I dare not say those words out though probably I might have not lived to meet Bimpe in the first place talkless of having a mix up date and later finding out she was the girl who tried killing herself because of she found out she was HIV positive. I didn’t get to see her ever again after the mistake that lead to we two complete strangers having a mind blowing sex

But this picture of her was a dame to kill for I had almost completely forgotten I was already in a deep mess until one of my villa mate screamed

“shuuuu!! You mean say girl wey fine like this fit get HIV” like seriously ebuka!! Was HIV suppose to be written on people’s faces ni…. I actually don’t blame him for that everybody knew him to be too dumb not ask something foolish everybody gathered round and forgot the mini royal rumble that was about happening but I couldn’t stand it so I stylish handed over to Ebuka and entered my room …. Shut the door silently ….I could feel my heart in my mouth… Am so fuvking doomed

Who said you needed a kinda therapy or coffee to cure a hangover ….just get yourself into a deep shit I swear you become fucking sober ASAP. Loads of thoughts started trooping into my mind _so am never going to have sex again…I might never get to marry…where do I want to start my life from bayi….who would want to be friends with an HIV person holdup ooo maybe she just got infected that’s why she’s just trying to kill herself because if she got it since she should have done that since the joy of that thought didn’t last up to 3secs when it I remembered how she took some pills from her trolley and went all sad before sending me out

That alone burst my bubble of hopes that I couldn’t have being infected ….chai!!! “Ifeoluwa your own has finished oo”. I was too proud to cry all I did was face down on my bed and was saying a whole lot of gibberish as I pray and off I slept only to wake up 1pm the next day.

simple but classic

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