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File 69-Episode 11


File 69-Episode 11

It all felt like I dreamt only for me to see a notification of multiple calls from Anu alongside a SMS. I didn’t bother opening the phone at all looking at the time alone had just made me realized I just missed the scheduled FORTRAN test I had for that day to hell with the computer science as a course gan am so fucked up right now sef

I wonder what lines of code I would have written sef if I had gone for it, was still trying to wrap my head around things when I took my phone and unlocked it, opened Anu’s SMS and realized Anu actually got to know me from my escapade with the Bimpe I mistook for her roommate What the F!!!!
I always knew there was something fishy about this Anu could remember one time I went to Chicken rep and we met coincidentally only for her to beg that we go into the rest room for a quickie, that apart from the fact that she always wanted to try sex in a public place seeing me instantly got her horny….”ahhhbah Anu do you come to Chicken rep regularly sha ….this is the most insecure public rest room”. True fact don’t know where was going to get the Award for place where most picture are taken in Akungba between 9kon studios and the chicken rep restroom. Fun Fact then in every 5girls that spend 15mins in the chicken rep 2 are liable to take a picture in its restroom even if they weren’t there with their own phone so doing a quickie was a big casting of life because someone would be right behind the door making the Snapchat clicks. That’s how I got her to wipe off that idea even though she had to follow me down to my Villa for a 5mins quickie was it up to 5mins sha because it was the same bike man that brought us that waited to take her back #insidelife. So she knew me way back even before I and her met officially through her roommate no wonder she always had this impression I was one porn star the message ended with she wanting to see me by 7pm at chicken Rep
I was indoor all day stayed there wishing I could rewind it all and have not gone ahead to try knowing the actual Bimpe maybe I wouldn’t have gotten into this mess and my friends use to tell me oo that hope it’s not where I came into this world through that’s where I might possibly go out through seems its almost becoming so but that wasn’t as annoying as the way each one of my villa mates were taking turns to bang my door to ask what miracle happened that I stayed home that day abeg its my stay ooo, it all got worst when I stepped out to go see Anu the moment I came out of the passage.

Most of my Villa mates were outside so they all burst into laughter and one of the girls who almost fought last night shouted
“Sheybe I told you he was still going to go out….is it not Ifeoluwa that I know ko ma jade lojo kan yen iro ni” if you don’t understand the Yoruba there get someone to subtitle for you dunno why on earth you won’t understand Yoruba language.
“Ife Ife baba for the girls file fun awon eleyi..”
“Ebuka just shut up you know you should be jailed for the way you speak Yoruba”. Everybody burst into another laughter the *awon eleyi he said only if I could spell it out for you guys… ultimate disaster.
I had to walk few meters so as to get out of sight of my Villa mates because most of them are with the idea I was going for a date only if they knew. As I stood waiting for a bike I kept rehearsing my being annoyed entry on her because am so poor when it comes to getting mad at ladies but I swear down I need to get mad this time around, while I was at my thoughts a bike man signaled and I unknowingly said I was not interested something I paid with waiting extra 20minutes before getting another

I wasn’t late even though it took over 20mins to get a bike to the chicken Republic I could remember the time was 6pm before I left my room so it was around 6:27pm I got there actually decided to get there earlier because I was seriously hungry at least no matter how bad this whole thing is going to end up as my tummy needs fuel. I had this gentleman look on ahwey! What were you expecting that I should be smiling abi?

Just like every weekday evening in Chicken rep the crowd there was not a here something, most annoying part what was left were just junks, rice and chicken finished and the staffs just busy shouting “light out !!” up and down leaving everybody on the counter waiting to place order dumb founded. Abi I should rush down to Plenty But Rubbish to get jollof rice with confirm moimoi and meat, was about checking the time to see if I could go there and be back before Bimpe got here because I want her meeting me on seat because I so much want to take charge of this meeting. Just then my eye caught a familiar face
“Ife what’s up…longest time…. Ife is this life you just forgot me just like that”
“Ahba Funke what’s up I didn’t know jor … know it’s lectures jae and moreover you now have a boyfriend”
“How do you know I have a boyfriend because even before boyfriend came did you even check up on me”
“See am sorry I swear I don’t have any excuse”.
At the completion of my statement came a slim guy which she introduced as her boyfriend we both shook hands and he signaled that they should leave as she walked away, she gave me the I would call you sign which I hope she doesn’t considering the dilemma am in…. But with all sincerity Funke was my best fuck in Adekunle
This was the only girl that has ever fucked me even though whenever we get down on each other she does tell me she loves it more when she does it with me. Maybe probably she derives more pleasure in being the boss in the whole extra curriculum activity. Still don’t know why I stopped reaching out to Funke even though she was so understanding about the no strings attached going on between us, she was readily horny whenever I called apart from the fact that the way she would prepare dinner it was always a night till dawn experience with her like it was a Prince coming to visit her it’s so true that a man can be so insatiable even if you give him all that is required as a love
Like seriously I should have just stuck to just her….not even the two Bimpes were able to give the sexual experience I had with Funke even Anu that had the best head game I ever experienced was just like every other lady when it comes to downtown business just let you do the fucking while they do the moaning…. Speaking of the devil I could see Anu dropping from a bike through the see-through door…. I could hear my heartbeat so loud alongside skipping beats as well.

simple but classic

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