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File 69 – Episode 2


File 69 – Episode 2

That experience made me purchase a whole pack of kiss condom at Terapi the most prestigious pharmacy in my school not long I arrived, distributing it in every ‘knack meet able’ corner so there ain’t any long story. I had like two to three in my bag and wallet respectively. Knowing Bimpe as refused to come over saying she ain’t cool going to a male friend’s place… Yeah we’re just friends but who knows one thing can lead to another…. You know what let me take it along she should be matured enough and moreover she can’t beat me now….

This is my first time doing something like this but the fact that I was still keeping my cool unlike the way I see them do in em Hollywood movies when two strangers who have been chatting for a while and finally decides to meet welsha that’s a movies (problem ti won ni yen) this one am about to do is real life shii and worst part I and Bimpe have never seen each other’s pictures…. Just like me she wasn’t a fan of using personal pictures as dp shortly after this whole experience. Mark decided to introduced status to WhatsApp probably I would not have fucked up myself the way I ended up doing.

I finally decided to take along two of those enemies of babies and STDs though abstinence they say is the best preventive measure but abeg jae body have full jor I gats to discharge this yogurt…. Over 10 months without action, but wait hope am not just getting myself worked up for no reason because this Bimpe of a girl, most of her WhatsApp about is always Bible/God related and she so much loves to change it on a regular unlike me *Hey there am using WhatsApp* as never changed and I remembered one time I wanted to take the chat down town she was too quick to reply am sorry not interested in such chat now, NOW?!! abi she wasn’t in a good mood that but she does it but not that day I never got to bring such chats like that because the next time she got to chat me was 4days after….. But what’s my own I just have to be hopefully my luck shines

She told me to take a bike to Adefarati small gate the west end of my university community and stop at the turn that leads to the small gate. This is why I now hate bike men in my school when they are very much needed they’re nowhere to be found you can be with bucket going towards the next house well and you get them signaling if they were to come carry you…. Egbami shey its Lagos I want to go and fetch water from ni….abi these one’s want to be unfortunate in life….. I was Sha outside my villa in permanent site the said to be the only estate like area in the whole of the town Akungba where my school is sited because of the serenity and tarred road waiting for any available bike trust me if I was a girl on makeup am sure the sweat caused by the heat of the sun would have washed it all, kilode are they fighting in heaven ni. This sun is not ‘a here something’ at all. After 5mins I finally got one, seems the idiot of the bikeman knew I had waited long so he said 100# to Adefarati …nile len len beyen egbon!!! na 50# na, we Sha met at the middle #70…. I said to myself all this cannot go and me not getting laid ooo it would be a big loss

She told me her villa was going to be opposite where I was going to stop and she would be outside the villa waiting for me…. Now it’s another call from her I decided to ignore it would seem like a lie to her if I picked up and told her I was still at permanent site something I told her like 20mins ago…. “egbon o da bayi” that was me telling the bike man to stop paid him off while I was dialing her number. I was busying scanning around for a villa with a lady outside then I noticed this fine average height damsel on a oversize white t-shirt that cover her down to her thighs probably she would be on one of those crazy bump shorts omo mehn shit like this turn me on even for a first scene in porn… We both started staring at each other so as I got the ring grin from my side i noticed she went for her phone so I knew it must be her so I hung up and she also for reasons I don’t know she took the phone from her ear….. I walked up to her and asked Bimpe right? Yes immediately she got all blushing and excited to see me I myself wasn’t looking bad at all…. I was about apologizing for coming late but she wasn’t even ready to listen to anything because she already embraced me in a “have-fvckingly-missed” you manner, with that I noticed she was braless but damn does watermelons weren’t looking like they had no support when I was walking towards her this would actually be the first time I would not be able to tell a lady going braless in my years of being a fvck boy.

I am a God-fearing person, simple, yet classy. I see the best in people and try my best to help people realize the best opportunities in and around them. I am a Digital Marketer, Blogger and Sports Analyst.

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