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File 69- Episode 3


File 69- Episode 3

Don’t see me as a bad person oo….i like woman and I dey straight forward, more straight than tuface in his Amaka lyrics and I don’t know how to lie to get into a girl’s pant if not, why on earth would I be situation made celibate for almost a year all through the ladies have been meeting up apart from the OAU fling that lack of condoms deterred me from eating the Osun made cookies every other girls I met were interested in a committed serious relationship no FWB shit or one night stand…. And me currently I can’t even give any of the two they’re expecting seriousness and commitment one hell of a work so it’s better to look for minds like me than to increase the polls on Men are heartless or men are dogs because me all I want to do is have a nice sex…as in flip you over…..shift anything shiftable and we see each other outside later and say hi and not be mad if we both see each other with the opposite sex, worst thing that can happen is you give me a call and we have a knack appointment probably if you’re very romantic and interesting to talk too we can do Netflix and chill things talking about each other’s life and if you’re having a boyfriend issue I can help with an advice or two and finally we go any of the fifty shades you want or we do it kiss and kill style it would be the ladies call anyways but it seems most girls are down for just relationship and me I can’t lie all because i want to get down with anybody even though am single and could easily ask you out after two days of Bonnie and Clyde, We eat each other two or three times I change towards you and gbam we break up but that ain’t my thing I prefer the straight forward truthful method even though it doesn’t pay off unlike the other…. But at least it has lead me to this Canaan land of mine now. She finally let go of me and was like seriously “Ife you’re not serious oo you look different from the picture you sent me…. Hollup is that one of your tricks you use to get girls to fall for you… Hmmm issokay guess what it worked Sha ooo am so tripping for you right now… God am am sorry I don’t know why am talking too much like this let’s go to my room”…. Seems Bimpe is mixing things up I never sent her my picture or wait oo maybe I once sent her a picture of someone else when she was disturbing me to see my face I could have done that I can be that naughty…. Anyhow at least she’s satisfied with what she’s seeing that’s enough for me.

We entered into her room this girl must be a clean freak I so sure the room was this tidy every day and not just something she just arranged because of who is coming, she had some nice sculpture on her walls making her room look like the interior of Gtbank…. I could hear the locks of her door clicking twice as I was about turning to complement her about her room

Only for me to catch her mid air as she threw herself on me placing her lips on mine…. Omo mehn am not gonna let that soap i used to bath today be used by any of my friends in my villa again and that soap must never finish jeez when me I was still looking round the room for tactical ways of making sure we both do the talking on the bed because the room has like 2 chairs and that’s a bad market for me whereas Iya has locked door and now in my hands am I not too lucky…. We started making out vigorously that was when I knew it wasn’t short she had underneath the big t-shirt but just G-string…. I need no soothsayer to tell me this lady had this all set up as a knack appointment unlike the get to meet each other I thought it was. I was caught off guard so on getting her to the bed the best I could go was missionary no much time to start going all styling on her moreover I didn’t want her having a change of mind. Its a female being we have in question here in a twinkle of an eye she can say am not in the mood again. We were at it for up to 5mins and all this while she was moaning out loud… “Oh jeez! Oh ma Gwad!! …. Uhn uhn…faster faster! Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!! “I swear on a good day would have cautioned her but I careless …. and yessssss!!! That was both of us cuming at the same time as I fell on her both of us panting out loud I didn’t withdraw and she didn’t complain am so sure she had some after pills ready in her trolley I did roll off her, now we both were lying on our back

Breathing so heavily like we just did one hard labour I was just thankfully I did eat before leaving home I imagined me doing this whole thing on an empty belly that’s like a death sentence. Should we go one more time? Was what I heard from her next….. Waawu so what’s she trying to tell me… I think it’s time for fifty shades of IFEOLUWA what I mean by that is going sexual styles you don’t want to ever try with your girlfriend if you had one…. I kicked off with scissor style now the tune of the moan was a little bit of a tenor part….she seen to be too relaxed until I had her both legs up in the air a SPORK something…. The next thing that came out of her mouth is “Ife Ife iiiiii…..fffff eeee ple….ase…..its touching my womb” sincerely I almost laughed out loud I had to stop going at that but I wasn’t done yet because now she was saying thank you…. Then I remembered a style I saw in a book London-Bridge The lady lies on the floor, bends her knees, stretches her arms over her head and bends her body to see the partner. He stands on his knees above her, leans slightly forward, he leans with one his hand close to her body, and hugs her waist with another hand. A huge advance of the position is that the woman’s breast is literally next to the man’s lips, he can suck and bite it watching how sweet his mistress is meandering it took a lot of persuasion to get her to be in position she seemed to be out of her breath but wasn’t she the one who asked for it?

Satisfying the lady is also part of the whole process so enjoy my dear. It wasn’t long my leg were feeling like they might crash anytime soon… I gats to ti wedray boh right now, straight up I used my right hand to bring her close to my chest now I was kneeling on the bed and she was on me (I really hope you can visualize this)….. “Dayo MI oo le chill at all ooo…. Chill keh!!! Ado ma pada wa mo lon shey yi…. Ifedayo odeh shaanu mi now” …. Wait oo shey my dick as formatted her brain ni am Ifeoluwa not Ifedayo…. Probably am not the only guy who as been in the same situation with this babe for her to mix up names like this lobatan shey have not entered something else bayi….. Anyways let’s finish this up first. Surprisingly this style got to be of a mutual benefit we both were at it and enjoying it and…. Uhmmmmm yeeeeeesssss!!!! We both exploded orgasm something…. Lying down I had my mind prepared if this girl ask for more I am running outta her house. Am so sure so many of her neighbors would be at her door peeping and eavesdropping omo who cares jare.

“Ife ahhhh you’re a beast….you must not have sex with a virgin ooo you would kill the….and one would have thought with your gentle face you don’t know anything “…. Abegi Jae stop that…. Help me pass my phone its ringing…. I handed over the phone without checking who was calling collected the phone and was like what’s wrong with your phone…. I was like as in? It’s you who is calling me…. ooh probably my screen as started pressing itself again only for me to pick up the phone and realized my phone was actually off… “Babe my phone is actually off now”…. but you’re calling me again now…. Passing my phone over to her to let her confirm my phone was truly dead….. But Ife you’re the one calling now… Or wait what’s going on here… Is this your number showing me a number calling saved with Ife but totally not mine it’s Etisalat am using MTN…..ooooh jeeeezz is this really happening or a joke?

simple but classic

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