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File 69-Episode 5


File 69-Episode 5

Owo Akure! Owo Akure!!! 1

“Elo ni Owo?”

“900 naira ni Owo oooo”

I entered the cab making me the last passenger in the supposed 4 but now 6 passenger car. Took the driver up to 15 mins to sort out dealings with the people at the park. On a very good day I would never have taken transport at this park opposite the school gate where I did now, i would rather take a 10mins walk down to the popular ibaka market after the school gate to get a cheaper price transport a.k.a “soole”. It wasn’t up to 20secs the driver got into the vehicle I snapped out “baba ewa ooo elo lepe noh? ” the baba who must have felt he already won jackpot when he told me the price earlier on, was trying to act smart “ewaa egbon mo pe price fun yin e de azzeepti e ooo so ema complain ooo” the way these indigene drivers around here use to add a touch of English to their Yoruba convo can be so annoying. Ehn who is he trying to form for here now bayi? that’s his own p sha “baba ewa! me no be fresher I don dey this school teh teh Owo na #350 for here …. Emi o le san #900 nibo lon ti shey yen” all other passengers went ahhhhhhhhh!!!!…… “You know what mofe bole Mi Oo lo mo baba, e must to have logun fun mi… Mofe bole” my Yoruba also is a big disaster on its own….. The driver went all trying to persuading me to stay saying he already paid for full load at the park and me dropping would be a loss for him…. Once the price was accepted am good I have no p with it because deep down I knew it wasn’t any jazz that made me accept the #900 in the first place but because of the thought of what would the outcome of what I was going to do down there in Owo

Federal Medical Center Owo that was my final destination, I was outside the heart to heart ward, staring at a painting when I heard a familiar voice shout “Bro IFE!!!” the bro attached to it made it familiar probably someone from the fellowship I seldom attend lo and behold it was one sister from my fellowship even though I was an inconsistent member I could still recognize this sister always acted like she was crushing on me but was just shy or scared of telling me and right there the whole crushing kicked in

“What are you doing here? We didn’t see you in church on Sunday…. Hope all is well? …. My mum is an high ranked person here if you need help you don’t need to queue…. “Sheybe I said it who asked all these now

“Don’t bother ma… Sister Dolapo right? Yes she replied…Am fine would soon be attended to sef”……

“Really that’s nice but what’s with the Ma you’re adding… Anyways really missed seeing you in church ooo… And if you really need any help let me give you my number typing her number into my phone feel so free to call anytime… Bye”

But like seriously why do girls get to flirt with me so bad when am not in a good mood something similar happened during the ride down to Owo the lady kept on asking questions and giving me attention even with the harsh responses I was giving and all…. I later had to apologize before alighting exchanged contacts and told her I did owe her a dinner when I get back to Akungba we both know what ends dinners like that

File 69!! That was me but I was busy outside the building thinking ‘what if it came out the other way round’. A Nurse came outside asking if I was file 69 the way she called out the number brought a corrupt thought over but the situation at hand was too crucial for me to let the thought stay for long… ‘Yeah I am’ I replied

Entering the Doctor’s office she was very much of a counselor I had an idea of this, at least I had seen it all in movies so I was already prepared for her. ‘Hello mister Bayo welcome’ I was wise enough to not use my real name during registration emi omo ’good day Doctor’. She was about going down the road of advising on how to handle the outcome of the proceedings I cut her short straight up

“Hello ma see I know how it all goes, am very much aware and educated about it. I don’t need the lectures let’s just get on with it” … She took a deep breath and asked me the question I never thought about also… “You said you’re very much aware and educated about this then WHY ARE YOU HERE???”

simple but classic

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