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File 69-Episode 6


File 69-Episode 6

It all started late in the night when I got home from my wonderful experience, I slept off the moment I got home only to wake up to 22 missed calls from my real Bimpe babe must have really felt I was hurt badly…. Me that was sleeping the head of my life who can taste such sex and not sleep was low on airtime so I just checked my WhatsApp only to find over 100+ messages from her only mostly cry emoji and “hello dear” I replied and instantly there was a call from her… I picked up and she went on ranting and pleading even almost crying, as a bad sharp guy I decided to act all pained and hurt which I wasn’t even for a sec, my voice all toned down with a sad rhythm

Am very sure if the conversation was made around 6pm she would have found her way to my room the moment we hung up but its 11pm, where would she even get bike from Adefarati moreover permanent site isn’t a cool place to walk at night at the moment. So I did concur too much efizzy can spoil the whole thing because no lady expects a guy to get angry for long we had to fix a new date for meet up. Friday was the day she felt was most comfortable but she was all about if I would be cool with her roommate around her roommate don’t have classes on Friday…. What a bad market of the highest order to worsen it all her roommate she said is an SU… Babe just kill me….

And here she is, she can’t visit a guy unless the guy comes to visit her first I don’t know what kinda fucked up mindset that is… Thank God someone else has helped me break the lack of cookie jinx so if I had banked on her that’s how I would have been on *ooooh god* anyways no p, It just means am going down there with a mindset that am either going to listen to the word of God or talk all through.

Friday came I didn’t even bother to take along any back up because probably am meeting up a mummy pastor and if mistake happens and it drops hmmm…. Me I am not ready for a private bible study, its Friday YOLO things….

My plans after staying at her place for like an hour was head into school shrine the most popular palm wine joint in the school run by the Kegaites(the only fraternity in school) after then maybe meeting point or AB (popular bars in the town)

This time around we met in school at the RC then we headed to her place, that was after she had spent like 10mins staring at me and checking me out and on a repeat with

“Why did you now lie that you ain’t fine are you sure am safe walking around with you in school…. I don’t want anybody to pour acid on me oooo”

…. Well this is something you get from AAUA girls “nobody should pour acid on them” as if we have ever heard a news of girls pouring acid on each other here…..As a matter of fact I don’t think girls can even shade each other over me . We got to her place and as expected her roommate was home resting in the bed. We greeted, she did the introduction Sister Anu meet Ife….. Sister for your roommate that you’re the same level and age mate with … Am sure this Aunty is a spirikoko person; I took a seat on Bimpe’s bed without taking permission. Sister Anu just waved and faced the wall back to sleep in a; all the best for the two of you manner. We started talking, gisting, laughing when sister Anu stood up went out and as she entered straight up accused Bimpe of not getting me her visitor any refreshments which took Bimpe by surprise judging from the looks on her face…. I had to bail her with the whole I was the one who declined the offer when she asked… “brother abi you’re vexing for us ni?…..we know our house is too small but this is what we can offer” now I was confused I thought Bimpe said her roommate wasn’t the accommodating type and she gets angry when she even brings visitor around…. This person here seems to be opposite…. While this convo was going on I noticed the surprise look beaming on Bimpe’s face so probably this must be a part of her roommate she was just getting to meet. Afterwards, sister Anu went back to her bed… While we decided to see a movie on Bimpe’s laptop.

We weren’t 30mins into the movie when Bimpe’s class rep called that there’s going to be a practical right that moment and there’s every probability it becomes their test, straight up she started getting her things ready while apologizing that she has once again disappointed me….

“Ife would have said you should wait but this practical might take up to two hours”

“How would you expect me to wait here without you… Is it not you I know ni?” I replied

… And outta nowhere came…. ” so you cannot wait for her abi?…. So you don’t know mi looro Kan niyen ook me am a stranger to you now bah? Issokay” Sister Anu it not like that now….

“How is it then oo…. And if it’s not like that why don’t you just stay before you’re done with the movie she would be back.. Or ain’t you watching a movie?”

Hmmm am so so caught up right now so I decided to let it all slide the way she just said it…. But deep down I had a mixed feeling about me staying while Bimpe goes for her practical… Mixed feelings or let me just say more of a Deja vu.

There’s a popular saying that Life happens when we’re busy making plans. So probably if you ain’t got plans you got to live life that’s my current situation not like my plans earlier to go to the shrine or meeting point when I left Bimpe’s place was something mandatory, it’s just that I just didn’t want to go back home so early, my roommate went for a field trip and most of my house mate weren’t around for some personal reasons. I don’t know making the whole house deserted so I think staying here wouldn’t be all that bad. Moreover, I don’t know why I feel so cool like a mood swing kinda thing.
I didn’t tell you the movie I was seeing was actually ADDICTED, today might make it the 7th time am watching the movie don’t start feeling am trying to set a horny foundation with Bimpe…..nooo ooo it’s just one movie I can never be tired of and moreover she said she hasn’t seen the movie before even though it’s been on her system for months.

“Ife I promise once am done I would be rushing down here… Oshey dear” Bimpe bidding me good bye but I decided to see her off, so we both went out together of which the real reason is I just needed to clear my head and free myself ….see come oo Bimpe she is not that your sister Anu want to start church on my head…. “Chill jor she can’t, she dares not though…. She did that once when I had a visitor over , asking him if he was saved… Blah blah blah like that which got the guy so embarrassed and till date he ain’t talking to me…I changed it for her gan ooo so she can’t try it with you” she said

At last have been gotten!!!….finally finally I used my leg to waka and meet Jesus gbeyin gbeyin….I just imagine myself on a pulpit about to preach to a large crowd and am sharing my salvation experience and I start with this plot…O my chisos… IT’S FINISHED

simple but classic

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