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File 69-Episode 7


File 69-Episode 7

I got back in she was lying down facing the wall again… Me I sha sat on the opposite bed and continued my movie , then an unknown number called me on a norm when I see unknown numbers calls am always on a corporate voice .. Was through with the call and about dropping my phone when I got interrupted by “somebody would see you now and think that you’re a gentle person bayi” ….where to where did we meet that sister Anu is saying that am not a gentle person and when this phrase is been said it means the person must really know the person they’re really talking of… this might be a trick Ifeoluwa before you know let’s open the book of Ephesians “if you say so oooh ma, I cannot argue with you too but for you to know that am not gentle then you also are not as gentle as you seem to be, so we’re both guilty as charged” was my reply and continued my movie.
This aunty did not hear my story in a holy place am very much sure okay Anu have we met before?…. “No but I know you very well as very well not that much sha oo but the little I know is enough, don’t worry you don’t need to know where I got to know you, just know that I know you, which movie are you seeing I don’t think this sleep is coming through am just forcing myself” ….I told her the name we spent over 10mins discuss on the fact that she preferred Bollywood or the likes of Korean movie and since this one am seeing is Hollywood she was skeptical on joining or not but finally she was beside me both seated on the bed seeing the movie together.

“So this is what you’re watching hmmmmm when that’s what you people are specialized in…See am tired of sitting down I want to lay down jae” …..(If you have seen addicted) we were at the part where the lady went to the bar for the first time for sex we readjusted and both of us were down on our chest on Bimpe’s bed with the laptop in front of us o….. On a very good day I should have asked her what she meant by that but I think it would be very much stupid of me to play dumb so I think it’s time for me to step up my game “But me am still far better than you”….

“Hmmm you ehn oga leyin”, she turned now facing me at this point I think it’s time for me to ask where she knew me from only for her to complete her statement with

“sha take it easy with my roommate oo she’s still a small girl she doesn’t know anything” with a big smile all over my face.

“Wait o sister Anu….”

“Who is your sister ooo better stop all that”

“anyways”…I continued “If you haven’t tasted something before don’t go about preaching the gospel about it oo….”

That got her laughing so hard that I had to join …

“Ife this one is not rumor my source are always 100% accurate”

“But Anu you don’t seem to look like was trying to place the word…. “Oooh I know what you want to say oo …the thing is it’s not that I too don’t like to have fun or be social or that am pretending it’s just that people have mistaken me being gentle and melancholy to be the Reverend sister kinda person…. and deep down I really want to associate but I can’t because if I try to… straight up the whole school would be talking about sister Anu”

I really don’t know the connection my testosterone has with a lady been sexual plain I must have lost guard probably I thought I was on one of my tight boxers short that hides embarrassing moment like this but before I could do the POCKET TRICK (guys can relate) sister Anu… Oh sorry Anu already saw my egg plants … “Broda Ife what’s going on in your mind” saying this with her eyes locked on mine I could feel her hands caressing my D***

Am thinking my advice to my unborn kids about premarital sex if asked why they shouldn’t taste it would be firstly “that shit is like a drug you taste it and might finally see it’s not worth the hype but end up getting to know you just have to take it more because your body no matter what would demand it”….. Anu had just tasted it twice in her entire life though it’s been over two years she did it last I love to take people by their words so I didn’t doubt that….. But why me to break the 2year chain and judging by weapon of massive destruction I see blood…. So wait you haven’t done it in two years with what you just did now I guess you want it now so why me? “Because I know you’re a bad boy”

“Wait ooo what’s with all this you’re a bad boy and a specialist in this where is all this coming from Anu” I asked

“Ife do you want to fuck or want to interrogate me? Because Bimpe would be here any moment and I really don’t get wet this often so it wouldn’t be nice me feeling this way without getting an action”.

I still wanted to go about just asking one more question when she pounced on me and we started making out vigorously, ooh oh I guess a little river must have been forming in those panties of hers but babe this would just last for 10 to 20mins tops but if the laptop at the top of this bed which might get tripped over with the labour at work spoils Iya me am broke So I got to put a pause so I pushed her away a little which she took as rejection

“am so sorry ….am really really sorry Ife I actually thought you were down for it “…… Without saying anything I moved the laptop to her bed from Bimpe’s bed but I remembered I wasn’t with any of my preventive measures so I realized it gonna be withdrawal method in place so instead of carrying the laptop I picked up Anu she kukuma was a petite size before and moved her to her bed…. She looked so surprised until I whispered

“who said anything about not being down for anything……i just don’t want us getting caught through any stains because trust me you don’t know what’s about to hit you.”

Ahswearruughad!! Even church girls got skills her tongue work while kissing is so magnificent I swear if I had gotten something close to it, It would be with one of my legal loves in my 100level days which I had a memorable half night stand but that’s not for today

“sorry nigga I like to take charge” saying that she found her way on top of me hope am not getting myself into some submissive shit ….me I cannot be getting whipped ooo she started exploring my body with her mouth from my neck down to my navel jeez am very sure she must have so much read about all this or watch stuffs about this….. and suddenly I felt my D*** in her hands while she sucked so had hard on my navel that went on for like a minute can we just do the real thing abeg …Bimpe might be in any minute from now, only for her to raise her head up and say “call me mummy”.. I was like ehen!!!??? “I said call me MUMMY” I was about asking or say something other than that when I got a hard squeeze to my balls oooohh mummy! !! …

“shut the fuck jare say it in a sweet soft voice and stop acting like a pussy” I was more surprised than you’re…. and since I don’t want to feel the pain I just felt I better comply so I went on with the calling of mummy as she went on devouring me down there….. “am cuming stop! !!”

she didn’t even bother to listen and there wasn’t anything I could do I came in her mouth.

Her trolley wasn’t far from her bed so she took a tissue paper and cleaned the cum around her mouth did she just swallow my cum….because what I felt that came out wasn’t that small omo mehn fear awon eleyi ooo. Gbam! Gbam!! Gbam !!! Jeez someone is at the door omo mehn come and see the flash in me as I got dressed in a the space of 10 secs while Anu asked who was there, the person was about saying who they were only to say

“Never mind the Bimpe I am looking for is the one coming already…(we could hear her walking towards Bimpe while saying)….Bimpe how va na your door I just dey knock…”,

That bought us a shitload of time to arrange all beds me Anu on the other hand raced off to the bathroom. …I had put everything in order but there remained one issue I couldn’t solve the scent of a cum I just pray she wasn’t expert enough to detect that.

simple but classic

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