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File 69-Episode 8


File 69-Episode 8

Am not a bad boy so you don’t need to hate me because everything happening was not pre planned at all so before you start hailing bad boy, this shit wasn’t with a happy ending at first. I quickly opened the door took the curtains up balanced on the bed with the laptop, started having thoughts of either going to meet her outside or stay inside.

“Hey where’s sister Anu”…

Have you noticed how hard it feels to pretend to be one’s self when we fuck up….like seriously am still baffled at that shit

I was almost calling Anu without a sister before calling myself to order and told her sister Anu went to the bathroom I think her reply was so indifferent “hmmm okay” and she took a seat on their only chair elbows on the table palms to her face like she wanted to pray with consistent hissing and head shaking….

Now am worried first of all she’s suppose to at least ask how I got to spend the 1hr30mins with Anu at least that should be what anyone would have done knowing the kinda roommate they have… moreover she said she was suppose to use 2hours for the practical and with the time spent going and coming it’s all in the 1hr30mins….. Hollup or has she been at the door for a while and probably saw us both and decided to keep mute and probably was leaving when the neighbor saw her….Ifeoluwa don’t jump into conclusion ask first.

“Bimpe what’s wrong?”


“Seriously!! Nothing keh? Talk to me now, didn’t the practical hold thought you said it’s going to hold for 2hours”

“It didn’t hold and am fine nothing is wrong”….

“But…””See Ifeoluwa please just leave me alone is that too much to ask…. just leave me there’s nothing wrong just let me be”

Holy shit am so fucked up rihnow am sure she so so waiting for Anu to come in before she explode. Emi omo I just sempe on the bed anything that want to happen would happen cause what has happened as happened it can’t be changed, it wasn’t up to 10mins Anu came in but like seriously have never met a PRO at pretence as this, one could easily have thought she must have being hostile to me all through our stay together alone, she had her stern looks on no flinching whatsoever seems she had mastered the mask called SISTER

“Bimpe you’re back early what’s up shey practical e o hold mo ni?” Still Bimpe was just all numb and acted like she didn’t hear a word, but it was glaring something is so much up with her the way she kept tapping her feet on the floor heads bow on her hands while she shook it in a “i never expected this manner”. Few minutes later “Bimpe am going to church I should be back by 7 if you would be going out please do help me drop your key I can’t find mine … in my mind i was like what the fuck!!!! this is the highest height of i don’t care attitude i have ever seen…..hollup maybe she was like that on a norm and trying to show that she cared would blow off her cover ….and bros have a nice day”

With that she walked out waawu what a Oscar performance ….me that just ‘came’ inside your mouth and you licked it like something from cold stone …just now I have become bros, omo I foh finish ooo_ .

“Ahhhhhrrrrghhh” she cried out this time hitting both feet on the floor so hard and bowing her head on the table, no like seriously Bimpe please tell me what’s wrong I had walked towards her now my hands over her shoulder, see Ife just leave me was her reply so I went back to the bed switched off the system placed it in her laptop bag and headed for the door wasn’t planning to say a goodbye when I heard

“Ifeoluwa am really sorry please dont go, am sorry please stay”

Seriously is this some Yoruba movie shit or what anyways right now I know it wasn’t I and Anu that caused what’s going on and moreover I would love to listen to what caused the whole thing going on

“Then I really think you have to talk to me because it doesn’t make sense me sitting down there and you are acting up and won’t talk… do you know how worried its making me”.

To cut the long story short the practical didn’t hold it was just a trick to bring them all to the lab for clean up and after an hour they were done so on her way home with some of her departmental mates they decided to branch RC on getting there while gisting she saw her EX with a lady (the same lady they had issues about that the dude said he wasn’t having an affair with) they both were acting all lovey dovey and the moment the dude noticed she saw them he stepped up the game as they both started kissing and all that got her angry and most of all got her jealous.

“Ife and he knows what being jealous does to me”

Now we both were on her bed as she told the story

“What does jealousy do to you? Holdup hope it’s not that you’re planning to harm someone or yourself”

“She laughed out loud God forbid because of a guy I would now commit suicide say who die? I can’t even fight because of guy talk less of kill…. Ife see it’s complicated just forget it”

Yeah I forgot to add am an inquisitive bastard see me “I want to know tell me now”

Now I had close in on her she was in-between my legs, my arms around her, my palm gentle caressing her arms

“Ife please stop…”

“Stop what?”

“Stop what you’re doing, it’s worsening my situation”

“Sorry I don’t get worsening how?”…….

“Ife when am jealous I get horny.

Waaawu that’s a new one.

simple but classic

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