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File 69-Episode 9


File 69-Episode 9

Sex an act usually involving genital and oral penetration, between at least two organisms…. (Dictionary). Gone are those days when the definition was “between two organisms of opposite sex” but what’s my biz. Sex to a Nigerian like me was something we literally got to know as something a man climbs a woman and the waist region gets to move in a to and fro manner, and the early 2000 Nigerian movies didn’t help our sexual understanding it was so fucked up mehn. Romance uhn uhn its a big No No I don’t think there was a movie then that you got people kissing not to talk less of cunniligus which was the ultimate request from my current partner in crime something 80-90% of the Nigerian ladies are way in disagreement reasons I don’t know, even when you offer to give them without getting it in return but those who know how the experience goes they grab every single opportunity they get at it because most are very shy to ask but Bimpe wasn’t

Bimpe’s boobs looked too petit and upright for a Lady who loves to be blown but on second thought maybe her boyfriend was not into boobs like me my most loved part of a lady’s body… A lady once told me the way I tender sucked hers it was like I was deprived of it at my tender age. Her boobs were so soft at first grope I wanted my lips on them asap…as I tried to place my lips on her pointed tits I never saw it coming though but it was a mighty push with an unimaginable strength from Bimpe causing me to find myself on Anu’s bed

“IFE STOP!!!…. Seeing that I almost hit my head on the wall, Am so sorry Ife her hands covering her mouth “….

What’s the deal with ladies one minute you want something the next minute you act like you never heard that thing existed. I stood up adjusted my cloth I kukuma have not put off anything gan.

“Ife no! no!! no!!! it’s not like that “, saying that she ran to the door removed the towel on it that didn’t make the door close fully jammed it and locked it with the kancha (a local cheap lock used to locked the door from within)…..

“Bimpe you could have just told me about the door instead of trying to kill me”….

“Ife it’s not like that the thing is I wanted to tell you but I … you know what you Ife CAN WE CONTINUE”.

Suck you!!? Am almost getting there now babe chill let me do my thing….

“But Ife it’s just like you’re torturing me ni”.

Only if she knew this was my first time trying heads on a actual pussy all I did taking them online trainings was try the skills on Oranges and grapes it was hard to get a Lady in my school to let me get down on them I don’t know the F*** their problem is only if they knew the sweetness that lies in it and since I want to live long and have a prosperous life I dare not near an indigene girl of Akungba talkless of give her heads … my parent must eat the fruit of their labour ejo

Forget I said anything about an indigene ooo abeg no be me talk am oo it’s just a rumor that can become real on anyone who wants to try it just to find the truth in it…anyways

I felt its better I give her what she’s craving for or I might be forced to, from the way her hands grabbed my head just as I went about kissing her belly. Taking off her panties I immediately knew this might be some coital incontingence shit so I got her shirt closely. I knew from the way she requested for the heads she was so sure that everything down there wasn’t going to turn any guy off

She was perfectly shaved no sharp hair residues that cause scratch… One could have taught she never had a single pubic hair… The brain buster was the way she her p*ssy scented, it was something between vanilla and strawberry even though the whole VJ was already covered in squirt fluid whereas we’re just about to get down to biz… I took my time using my right fingers to lay a foundation of the play and also to access the area and perimeters my tongue is coming to pay homage to …also took time to fit each fingers inside apart from the thumb to know the depth junior boy would later face

Her moan tempo had changed sounding like faking British cusses “fevk!! Damn!! Ouch!!”…my index finger was still inside her when my lips touched her clits ….damn you would have thought she was about been resuscitated using the electric stuff used by Doctors her chest came up and arms down and fell down back to the bed . As I had learnt it almost like kissing but this time the lips you’re kissing ain’t kissing back sometimes the lips would have to be kissed to open up.

Ife it’s just the same as you did with them fruits your lips go to and fro no teeth that’s very very important…. Your tongue doing the gliding and taunting that’s important especially when the sesame is open (if you know you know)…. Have heard ladies say weird things when getting a big bang something like sango oooo like seriously if I was in such shoe am stopping whatever is going on.. Sango koh Ogun ni but what Bimpe was screaming out loud was something like when a believer would speak in tongues

She must really love the vibe most especially when my mouth is at work and my finger slides in simultaneously damn it’s like a volcano wants to erupt the way her body trembles…..

“Ife ahn uhn uhn…Ife Ife Ife”

kilele yi n so bayi I noticed she felt like pushing me away but the energy wasn’t there…

“Ifeeeeeee!!!!” and out she came, gushing out of what I would like to term squirt fluid

“Am so sorry Ife I was so carried away I should’ve told you it’s going to be like that…..”

I rose my body to her face planted some kiss on her face and boobs and said

“Told me about what in particular”. She was actually expecting my whole face covered in her cum, But I saw it coming so I used her shirt to block the cum.

Now she’s accusing me, saying if she had known as she saw that I was that experienced to know she was going to cum that heavy she wouldn’t let me inside her somebody that was madly horny than I was.

simple but classic

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