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Sling shot-Episode 1


Sling shot-Episode 1

This is a peek from my fresh man years, you’re not supposed to believe it like I care just as the same way I cared less about the church I was gonna become a member of in school… I have a church I attend from home and I know my momma really wanted me to continue in the families church _(if you have read any of my previous stories you should know that i am a stubborn somebody)_ so I took it upon myself to try to create a new path way for my own children and grand children but Deeper life, Jehovah witness, Seventh day adventist and any White garment church was not on the list… ye ye!!!! Why would I forget to add CHOSEN Evangelism church sorry to say that should have been the top of the list _(don’t even look at me like that I cannot be wearing apron…. Thoughts of me singing “are you a chosen mopol… I am a chosen mopol” can make me cry)_

AAUA got over 15 fellowships even after taking out my exclusions but I got just 4-5 Sundays to pick on before the church I might end up in celebrates their Fresher’s Sunday. So I mapped out 3 well known pentecostal churches gave each a full Sunday service attention but the remaining 7 I was just going to attend weekly services or two churches a Sunday.

The only painful part in my timetable is that I get to miss the first timers gift for some churches _(but seriously who made that rule in churches that you must not entertain a first timer during weekly activities… I feel its cheating and not fair)_…… So my tour began…. Omo mehn come and see fashion intimidation in some churches I swear down you would have thought it was Met Gala…. Me I wasn’t the type who gets attracted to girls in church so all I do is just observe and make funny comments with whosoever was the ride along to the church of the Sunday _(but trust me you really don’t want to see most of them on a weekly service day…. Maybe it’s a taboo to dress nice to church on a week day… Isnur my business)_…..
One big lesson I learnt during my tour was that I shouldn’t try to be a pastor _(no you sef imagine me that love boobs more than the way ushers love to tell people to move to the front in church… Now having big chested half open boobs coming up on my face every Sunday…. They would now be embracing someone shouting “PAPA… PAPA!!. Holding you tight like you being a pastor makes you humane..)_ omo mehn pastors dem dey try oo

Then came this Sunday at this particular fellowship as usual we came late just to boycott their Sunday school (what were you expecting…. We… Sorry I use to do my finding before attending a church..)_ but I and my guy that went… Were just a little bit late we missed the praise and worship what we met was something in between prayer session and word exposition, aunty wee sha talk small skaaahbosh small… We don’t know when the pray starts or stop we would sha hear In Jesus Name we pray… Got me confused l just decided to look around _(I cannot be asking what’s the prayer point, the guys around me are in my shoes sef because one bros here is just chewing his mouth opening and closing eye bros you me.. Me you know you don’t even know if the prayer is for church or for personal self)_

Decided to take a seat and admire the church a little bit only to set my eye on this nerd looking brown skin slim girl with those glasses with rope. There’s this feeling I get with nerd looking girls… It’s like walking several hours in the sun and you’re very thirsty and you’re offered a very cold chilled drink and you just have to take that large gulp on for you to realize it hurts but damn!!! The way you feel the thirst vanish you just want to keep taking the cold drink regardless the pain…. That’s the same thing with me and nerd looking girls with glasses. All through the rest of the prayers/mini bible study I had my eyes _(I could have bet my admission letter that she was a fresher like me…. The way she was seated gentle looking like a novice).

continues in episode2






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