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Sling shot-Episode 2


Sling shot-Episode 2

It was time for first timers, I and my guy stood up and gbam we were the only first timers in the church that day (was expecting my new nerd crush to be up but maybe she had attended some Sundays ago who knows)… We were migrated to the front roll of the church by the what I guessed to be the visitation team of the church which made us become automatic good boys (good boys In the sense of not talking no phone pressing…. No savage back drops that can make people around laugh… Felt like a mini prison) till the end of the service and some few minutes after service as per the gen sec has said we should wait after service. The service ended some “alabosi brother thanks for coming for service” started greeting us… Alaye na menu menu concern us like this jare… Only for one hand to hand me a Bottle of coke and two gala.. Guess who??? It was my nerd crush ooo…. Then I remembered My brother once told me you could recognise a fresher in fellowship by the way they dress (only freshers get to dress all everything on flick when school just resumes .. Stay lites just dress anyhow because they know church would be kinda empty, many wouldn’t have resumed so there ain’t much people to impress) No wonder she’s all dressed in a evening programme way.

If you have ever being a first timer in a church you know this is a part we all expect and the devil did try to win me here because its my latest crush doing the job of persuading me into making this fellowship my permanent place of worship (incase you weren’t informed… I can be stubborn like… My stubbornness mad gan) my answer was still no ooo, moreso if I become a member my chances of getting this my crush is very low… (I don’t like same church parol… I cannot let one sister say the spirit of the Lord touch her one prayer meeting… Should now start confessing our matter… And me that spirit didn’t touch now would have to be explaining to one pastor…. If we’re in a different church now all she would tell her pastor is “me and one boy did one thing one thing” not me and broda Ife ) but this aunty is not taking no for an answer so we exchanged contacts telling me she would be checking on me…. _(I know what you’re thinking…. Should I say it?….? Don’t lemme bother but any ways you see real life ehn and nollywood the two both of them are not the same thing at alllll)

The next time I would ever set my eyes on her again was at Kum Chop before then probably it was just once or twice we ever chatted and everything ended on how my day was, hope akungba sun wasn’t too much, if I went to class and if I’m not facing any problem with studies (in my mind I use to be like…. “who is this one forming daddy and mummy for?”…. Alaye if not for jamb I should be in 300lv by now oo)…. And as usual my answer to those questions were just “Yes” “Fine” “Okay ma’am” and we draw a conclusion with have a nice day ma’am. So today meeting face to face after three semesters I was now looking more of a citizen of the great community of akungba all those fresh man puppy face is like that evening sitcom “NOW WHERE TO BE FOUND” but it seems she didn’t even notice any of this as she even offered to pay for my meal (me that was planning to tell faith the attendant that don’t collect money from her oo…. Mad oooo! ) anyways I thanked her and next thing back to that first talk “we don’t see you at our fellowship?… Shey you wee not come And say hi to us ni?”.. No time to long matter.. “I should one of this days I’m actually in a hurry…. Bye”

It wasn’t up to two week later I was leaving Kum Chop where I went to get lunch after one terrible test (I sha cannot cum and go and die) gbam!! We Jammed at the door while I was leaving just said hi and we both said our byes.. but omo mehn she was looking so different and the whole feeling from the first day I met her came rushing. As I got home first thing I did was search her name on my WhatsApp list Favour xxx (before you think xxx is for sex… I just don’t want to mention her church name ni ooo… So let your brain come back here afiiiraaaa!!! ) last seen was 2 minutes ago omo mehn I decided to drop a “Hello” “good afternoon”… “thanks for the other day” (I should have ended or like that abi…. Nooooo… Then I added that super ingredient that could make the chat at you’re welcome)… “m sorry for not waiting to catch up with then I was in a big time hurry… M really sorry” (only legends can understand the work of that last ingredient…and as expected you know we started on the whole she wasn’t angry blah we had a straight up 10 mins instant replies chat on that _(I know you want to know but uhn uhn I am not saying oo). Then we went on how each others day went spent more minutes on that than usual then to that one which was my K.O even before I said hi that was where I was driving to… So I began teasing her on being a Kum Chop ambassador since we only meet at Kum Chop (you know how ladies like to get all defensive when you try to say they can’t cook… That feeling use to sweet me because at the end of the day I get to see you) before I could say “Jack Robinson” if you see the way she guarded her sef with Sergio ramos, pepe, van dijk, pique, she even went to bring the likes of lucio, maicon and cafu to defend the fact that she can cook… It got to a time I had to say issokay it was just a joke ooo…. But I couldn’t just let it end there I wanted something more so I said “so you mean if I come to visit you… You wouldn’t use Kum Chop food to entertain me” (only the legends can understand) and right that chat I got a date to come visit her before she leaves finally from akungba because after the exams coming up she was leaving the following week… Mad

simple but classic

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