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Sling shot-Episode 3


Sling shot-Episode 3

AAUA exams just knows how to locked you ‌down and focused putting aside every other aspect of fun, Well sha maybe for the serious students like me don’t know about you (if you like yinmu from today till tomorrow… I am and would always be a serious student). The exam came and wrapped it self up and thanks to the factors like sleepless night of night class and most especially the famous “Akungba Igbeyin” I didn’t get to remember I had plans to meet favour until I was on my second week of the holiday/strike (we sha know lectures are not on…. And rumours of increment in school fee). It always starts with a hi but since the birth of Whatsapp Status all you need is the person posting a something then you drop a nice comment and the conversation kicks off, mine was a comment on a sign out picture she dropped on a Thursday #tbt, accusing her of not letting me come sign on her… Blah blah blah she told me if I could make it to school before the next weekend which she planned travelling back home I could still get that chance to sign…. Then with the one mind of either losing this small closure we’re already getting or know if this could be that shot I said “I only sign on one place when it comes to ladies and that place is the chest region”. (instantly kanipe delete message for others was working then ni I would have deleted that message ASAP the moment I sent it) but already saw favour is typing but stopped waited for some minutes no reply had to leave my room went to the parlor because I thought it probably my room still no reply till I was about sleeping some hours later…. Omo mehn mo ti pada shi shot shoot bayi ooo

I really don’t know how to explain this but I know many of us have been in this shoe where you know what you did was wrong you probably expecting a response which you feel is likely to be a harsh one but damn no response… That silence can just ruin a lot of things. Like right now my sleep was ruined because I knew deep down there wasn’t any peace at all all through now to top it all I was suppose to run a delivery to AJAH that early morning so as to beat the traffic and get back to work before 12pm (I had a part time job…. Something like a holiday job kinda…. Jumpixels_World…. A big skin care house… Check them up on Instagram) damn!!!! It’s past 7am How do I leave IKOTUN and get to AWOYAYA in AJAH and get back to IKOTUN before 12PM (MOGBE! MOGBE!! MOGBE!!!…. aunty jummy wee finish me today) And I could hear my name from the parlour that’s for sure my mother “Solomon!!! Sho lo sibi ti on lo mo ni?” ( that’s the name my mom calls me but my friends call me Ifeoluwa….. For those that needs subtitle… She said Solomon ain’t you going to where your going again) No replies as I reached out for my phone still no response funniest part I couldn’t see her last seen… I’m finished mehn.

In no short time I was already in a maruwa leaving governor’s Road to ikotun Market trying to think of the best route for myself to get to ajah Google map wasn’t helping at all but favour favour just reply message and lemme know where my life is heading to. Okay cele to Mile 2 then cms ajah straight bus was looking like the best option right now, 3rd mainland bridge should be crazy by now… Guess what my phone vibrated

“Ma lo so ajah ma mada si shop ma binu…. Customer ajah yen ni ka add awon oja kan si eru eh…. Osha ti wo motor ajah (NO was my response)… Ma boh ni shop ma binu oko mi” The vibration was a notification of a call from JumpixelsWorld herself (ooh before I forget my non Yoruba speaking folks… But seriously why won’t you understand Yoruba? what are you still doing on earth then?? i pity you ooo…. Anyways in a nutshell it all meant I should not go to Ajah any longer that the customer needed more goods, so I need to return back to the office). It was a big relief even though I know this means I was going to stay at the office the whole morning then move out by afternoon (office duties?? I hate it like mad…. Cleaning, attending to picky customers, measuring powders and oils GOSH!!!!) at least I wasn’t disappointing two ladies anymore.

Got to the office around after 10 even though its a stone throw from my house (uhn uhn don’t look at me like that oooo… Okay tell me how do I explain that I left home early for ajah when I was called back and I got back to the store 20-30mins after… Ehn answer me oo) apart from the fact that favour was on my mind, one has to put on an extra long face so as to show you passed through one stress or the other or else I won’t even sit for a minute before my worst chores starts coming my way.
Decided to check my WhatsApp to see if there’s any change in status of my message with favour which is still the same only to hear “please I need lavender 50ml and alpha arbutin 10gram” (in my mind as I was looking at the customer who just said that to me… Aunty shey be someone is attending to you already… But you know what customer’s are always right) with that look like that of John wick I stood up, got the container for both items slammed them both on the shelf right in front of her, I could see the whole smile she had on fade away little by little (she must probably be one of those ladies who just learnt cream making and was very happy there’s a store like ours in ikotun). I had measured the oil, was on the powder and with a straight cold look I asked “what else?” She dares not say anything but I stood there looking at her like I wanted to help out and then came that WhatsApp notification sound cling I read through the top part of my screen as I saw a message from favour saying hey (that moment if it were to be any other powder mehn I could have dropped it down but this is alpha arbutin 1kg is equivalent to my new school fee…. To ba jaabo lasan na gbese) I kept staring at my phone for over 20secs, if not for the cold welcome I gave this customer she should have hurried me up or something but Iya oniya does not want trouble for her life so she just left me to do my thing almost getting to a minute I had already dropped the 10gram container using my power covered had to unlock my phone when I saw
“M sowiie was into the chat didn’t realize my fone was low went off before I could reply your last message… How was my nawti boy’s night?” bent mouth laughing emoji”….. My shot wasn’t just only in target mehn it’s a GOOOOOOOAAAAALLL!!!!

simple but classic

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