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Sling shot-Episode 4


Sling shot-Episode 4

I spent the whole day at the shop doing administrative duties, attending to customers and taking orders without grumbling or any form of hostility to the customers as they come in their tens and units. My boss couldn’t pick point the reason for the big smile and eagerness to attend to customers or maybe a customer had given me a tip she might have felt but you who is reading and I know the reason for that Joy.
It was end of the day’s work and my selfless customer care was rewarded with a huge load of deliveries the next day and the more the delivery, the more income for me and also zero administrative duties. I had not chatted nor spoken to favour all day since the goal, she said she was going to have a busy day and she would chat me up when she was done so I decided to chill till whenever she was down for a chat before I do anything that could lead to an equaliser and before I know it I’m back to where I was before. Moreover today is a Friday c’mon TGIF decided to go have fun instead of going home to no other place but the “Game House”.Shey you have heard of KONAMI… That’s what I am oo.. don’t try me when it comes to ps2… I wee beat!!!! Let’s go back to the story I cannot argue_ I was pretty much one of those guys most people who comes to the game center don’t like playing with most especially the elderly ones they don’t like been trashed by young bloods but today’s title contenders weren’t around, probably yet to arrive so I decided to just sit and watch but first letting them understand once anybody from my clique shows up they are leaving instantly because playing with those currently around would be a waste of my #30 per game.

It was 20mins into the game when I heard my phone notifications sounded 3times in like 2secs don’t bother guessing who it was it was Favour , we exchanged the normal chatting greetings “how was your day… Fine… How did it go with supervisor… Fine… Blah blah… Fine…. Have you eaten… Yes …. Gbish gbas gbas gbas…. And then it ended with a “K” or “aiit” ” all in just 3mins of active chat and instant replies. I sure didn’t know what to say anymore seemed like usual thing with ladies you have a sweet interesting chat with them, then next day it’s like you’re with a whole different person entirely.

Isaiah to the rescue my long time gaming buddy came in right the moment I needed a distraction so I don’t push too hard and piss the lady off. In no time we chased the meme who were playing currently off to another TV, a smaller TV to be precise in no time it was already playing over 10minutes in to the game already like I told you KONAMI!!!…. We go random straight up.. No formation nothing nothing just your game pad and your R2. Then came my phone “cling cling” a WhatsApp message from her “Ifeoluwa are you busy”… With a quick tap on the start button of the game pad I took my phone and replied “NO”… “you sure” she asked… Cmon when a guy says he’s not busy he’s not busy niyen my dear “yes I ain’t busy jae just play a game on my phone what’s xup” was the reply I gave and just as expected Isaiah began rant “alaye shey you dey whine me ni if you no say you wan play game make you play game… Which one be say make you person chat shey me sef no like to chat ni guy I no like am”…. Had to make him chill moreover she hadn’t replied so I decided to continue the game.
It was half time scoreline goalless “Abeg no vex gimme one minute” , I paused the game again to check favour’s message this time it wasn’t just Isaiah b*tching about me pausing the game some dudes were already in line as per losers out were the one’s complaining what’s my own if you like shout from today till when Messi leaves barca that’ won’t say I should drop pad or not reply this message “Ifeoluwa I need someone to talk to m really down”

You know what guys I’m done for today I dropped the pad and headed for the door because in the million ways to get a girl this is regarded as a penalty and I’m not ready to shoot it to throwing even though as I walked out i could hear Isaiah reacting in all annoyance with some cuss words to me leaving the game half way for what he’s so sure its because of a girl. Won’t blame him though, I literally dragged him with my phone calls from his sleep down to the game house when I first got there… That would be an apology for another day need to get my head straight up for for favour.
“M all yours favie… What’s up… Hope you’re good?” this time wasn’t a chat it was a call which is going to be a long one for sure I know being one of the best ways to get more closure you know what I mean.

simple but classic

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