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Sling shot-Episode 5


Sling shot-Episode 5

“How va Tommy sheybe you dey school… Okay now me dey come on Friday or Saturday sha.. No shit now everywhere good”.
I’m not the type who resumes early but my conversation with favour got me moving dates even though the school authorities have said we should resume but the SUG are saying otherwise. We spent over 30minutes on the phone thanks to my Airtel bonus then gave a listening ear as she poured out all her woes and burdens, got to know more about favour than the regular nerd church girl I saw around, we talked about relationship and one way or the other we ended up talking about romance I tried my best possible not to push too hard on that conversation, out of the blues she went all “I really don’t fancy sex it’s no fun… The guy just go in and out and gbam he cums he stops and thats all”…. ooh ohh that break I really wanted “I personally don’t know who you have being sleeping with but babe that’s a misrepresentation of what the thing is about” I started asking questions wanting to know all about her sexually life at first it wasn’t gonna spill took a lot to scoping scoping and scoping just to let her start talking at the end of the day I discovered she never had sex outside a relationship and the two guys she’s dated were the fuck to cum zero romance, just knack till they’re both worn out, second dude can’t do sex without TM like WTF!!!!! Ladies sometimes take some crazy risk sha… So you know he takes TM and you still allow him… I fear who no fear you o at the end of the day sha I told her I could help her the opinion she has about sex only if she let’s me though and she said….

simple but classic

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Johnson Peters
Johnson Peters
11 months ago

Your stories are actually very dope…..buh when u releasing the rest cos it’s a 5star article rating for me.

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