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Sling shot-Episode 6


Sling shot-Episode 6

Change they say is constant in life but Changing the mindset of a lady is Something they say requires a whole lot of patience and Skills. How that is done is a story for another day but all i know is it’s 6 am already Contemplating if I should take a taxify to ojota park or I should settle for less and board a bus to lyana Ipaja park(but the buses there Can be annoying ooo) anyways as the Spirit leads.

I dressed up, set my bag, I like to travel light, ko! ko!! ko!!! I knocked my parent’s room to bid them goodbye and for the first time in a long time time since my first year in school my dad decided to pray for me before I leave. Most of the prayers were more of like my dad had known what i was going to school to do majorly as per I don’t resume early on a norm but man got to do what Man has to do.

6:30 am i was at iyana Ipaja park already even though my dad spent a whole lot of time praying Over every evil plans of the devil over his son’s life whereas the Son gan gan is the devil. I slept all through the journey not because i do that on a regular but because I find it hard to sleep a night before the Journey and i also had favour who kept me company all through the night sharing each Others once upon a time sexual escapades as per to prepare her for the Yoruba demon she is about to meet. It was the last Saturday of the month the street of lagos was all scanty due to the normal last saturday environmental no much view to see So off I went with the imaginations of What I was going to do to Favour tonight .

simple but classic

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