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Sling shot-Episode 7-


Sling shot-Episode 7-

Driver small small ooooo..!!!!”
“Ero raa ooo esu oo ni pofo Lori wa oo”
The cries from my fellow passengers jolted me out of my sweet sleep that was just beginning, it had started raining immediately we stepped out of the borders of Lagos into Ogun state said the passenger who sat beside me who I asked what was the reason for the shout. We were just getting to redeem camp even though the rain made it very difficult for everyone to see what’s ahead…. At this moment a whole lot of thoughts started playing in my head
“abi this is the end…. Started imagining the ways my pictures would be making the wave across all WhatsApp groups… People’s status on WhatsApp with RIP… those that don’t know me sef wee post…. Those idiot that suppose to use me to do MCM but won’t finally have a reason to post now… Aye mi my life!!!. _sometimes I wonder if I’m normal with the way I think.

The way the sleep went of my eye that instant was the same way the rain changed to sprinkles in like 20 minutes… Come and see commentary from people in the bus… “ahhhhh awamari di ni oloun yii ooo” sorry I cannot subtitle get a Yoruba pelzun to help you out as per we could see the rain falling heavily behind us but while on motion where we were it was just like a sprinkle what did our geography teacher use to call it yen gan oo ….. “Driver oga ni yin ooo ninu motor ooo” that one too is shining teeth like sponge bob looking at the rear mirror… Ahwey better face front and drive. The bus sha turned to a mini Ansuani Market while the driver was just jumping into each convo in at all corners of the bus so I became the moderator of our Lagos to Akungba Bus group chat telling the driver to face front please _i said it in Yoruba though #lol Me that have said my last prayer like 3 times in that short rain storm. Getting to ibadan the rain was still light weather feeling like for two so I resumed in to my thoughts of what I would do to Favour tonight…

Are you thinking I want to shift somebody’s daughters womb? I Am talking to you my reader… Before you start looking like you’re lost I mean do you think that what I was thinking up there while in the bus was that I was to going to shift favour’s womb… if that’s what you thinking ooo my brother my sister m happy to let you know that you’re absolutely CORRECT did it shock you??? Any ways this shifting was going to come with massive lovemaking, a high class fore play… Clit rimming like never before anyways she hasn’t gotten one before but she always long for one…. Thinking of what I had laid down for her started causing an uprise in my pants right there in the bus codely I closed my legs to cover the errection … Oh Lord in thy hands I commit this driver and in no time I was back in the dream land.

simple but classic

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