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Adamawa Council Chairman Caught In Viral Video Gifting Hot Slap To Mechanic

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Adamawa Council Chairman Caught In Viral Video Gifting Hot Slap To Mechanic

Do you think this is too extreme?
A council chairman in Adamawa, Maiha Local Government Area, Idi Amin, has query some of his colleagues for leaking a video that he claimed happened over a year ago in which he was seen assaulting a mechanic called Segun Oyeniyi in the state.

In the viral video,Idi Amin, was being restrained by his police, breaks free and dashes towards the mechanic, who he hits in the face, while heaping abuses on him in Hausa(hope you sabi hausa language?…video below).

He claimed that the video was the handiwork of the chairmen of two council areas whom he had a disagreement with over funds and that his opponents were circulating it to destroy his image.

He said the duo wanted to get at him for calling them out over misappropriations of funds meant for their association but the younger brother of the mechanic, Isaiah Oyeni, said the incident happened about a month ago.

He said,
“The chairman, who owes my brother and has refused to pay, brought his car to the workshop to be fixed. My brother insisted he would not work on the car if the chairman did not pay him.
“Because my brother asked him to pay the outstanding, the chairman came to the garage to assault him, claiming he cheated him and still asked him to pay.”
Wahala for who know sabi hausa o…watch video;

simple but classic

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