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The Nigeria Police Force Denied That House Of Representatives Security Shot A Vendor


The Nigeria Police Force Denied That House Of Representatives Security Shot A Vendor

Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Yusuf Mariam, in a statement on Friday, said the security agent, who fired the shot was not a policeman, according to preliminary investigations and that a discreet investigation has been ordered into the incident.

But the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has confirmed the incident that claimed the life of Ifeanyi Okereke, a newspapers vendor in Abuja in which the Nigeria Police Force who had earlier denied that its not an officer that shot the vendor.

He said in his second statement on Friday that the DSS agent is identified as Abdullahi Hassan and vowed to get justice for the deceased and disclosed that he had contacted Okereke’s family members and would meet with them.

The statement reads;

“The unfortunate death of Mr Ifeanyi Okereke at the hands of one of my security aides has left me deeply shaken.

“Mr Okereke was a citizen going about his business, trying to make a living for himself and his family. There is no reason for his life to have ended the way it did.

“This morning, I have handed over the security operative, Abdullahi M. Hassan, to the Department of State Security (DSS) for investigation and appropriate administrative and judicial action. In the interim, he has been suspended from the convoy.

“l expect, and I will see to it that the family of Mr Ifeanyi Okereke receives the full measure of justice so that their bereavement is not compounded by any actions that can cause them further pain and suffering.

“I have expressed my personal condolence to his family and have arranged to meet with them when the parents of Mr Okereke, who are already on their way, arrive in Abuja.

“Additionally, I have committed to them that I will support his wife and the immediate family he has left behind”.

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